Innovators in the cannabis industry

If we had to choose one thing that defines us as a company, it would be our passion for cannabis. We are big believers in the plant’s crazy potential for medicines, food, and industry.

We have seen miraculous recoveries and fantastic feedback from clients using our products. This reinforces our beliefs, and strengthens our resolve in our purpose – healing people using the power of cannabinoids. We achieve this by creating amazing products with real, targeted effects, based on proprietary research and clinical studies.

Our unique formulations are impossible to be found anywhere else, as they cannot be replicated accurately. Our expertise and knowledge of the industry are unparalleled, giving us and our clients a unique competitive advantage. We are at the forefront of cannabis science. We experiment with cannabinoids most people don’t even know exist.

We understand your needs

In the over 6 years we have been operating in the cannabis industry, we have dealt with a wide range of clients, in different market sectors. This has given us a long time to understand our client’s needs and perfect our service.

We know you will love our company, as long as we provide the following 5 key components – amazing products, competitive prices, fast lead times, consistent supply, and impeccable service

How are we so sure you will love us? Because we’ve been perfecting our service and products for a long time, and we have over 100 B2B clients in Europe that are very happy with our service and products, and keep coming back for more, every month. 

Our dedicated Account Managers are available at any time of day to assist you with all your needs. For our Custom Manufacturing clients, we schedule production to accommodate their needs and supply schedules.

In our not-so-humble opinion, we are the BEST in the game. We guarantee one thing – if we work together, you will be more than happy!

Premium location and production facility

Our production facility is located in the Agro Business Park, Wagenigen, The Netherlands. The Agro Business Park is a state-of-the-art facility, and home to over 40 leading pharmaceutical companies in the Netherlands.

We partner with only the best and most reputable extraction and processing companies globally, to ensure unparalleled quality and consistency of supply, both to our bulk customers, as well as to our finished product customers.

We offer world class EU GMP standard finished product manufacturing, using our in-house manufacturing capabilities, as well as a broad network of specialised manufacturing partners.

This allows us to offer scalable and flexible finished product manufacturing solutions, to meet the needs of any company, start-ups and large CBD consumer brands alike.

We are constantly expanding our presence in international markets. Our distribution network currently covers the EU and UK, with further plans of expansion to the US, Canada and Asia.

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Novel Cannabinoids
The widest range of minor cannabinoids available in Europe
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Retail Ready SKUs

Over 100 retail ready SKUs available for wholesale distribution and retail

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Happy Clients

Over 100 happy B2B clients in Europe for bulk and finished products

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White Label Products

Over 500 variations and options available for finished products


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